You are a Cocreator!

Join our community of cocreators, facilitate the great transformation and help shaping our future sustainability world.

You are a cocreator!

How do you accompany the necessary transformation towards a sustainable world? How do you bring the new into the world?

No matter where your place is, what your role is, what your tasks are. Whether you are an activist, entrepreneur, politician, scientist or artist: as a cocreator you contribute to the necessary transformation and develop meaningful and relevant solutions for a positive future.

If you regularly ask yourself whether things shouldn’t be done differently and better, if you long for real positive change, if you are willing to face inner and outer transformations, if you are ready to use your full potential to contribute to a better world possible: then the Cocreators University is the right place for you.

Start your path to becoming a Cocreator with our events and trainings.
Our full cocreators training in english will be available in late 2022.


We support your process

We offer you unique insights into the theory, methodology and practice of cocreation. We empower you to develop and facilitate transformation and design processes. We support you in the professional implementation of your cocreative designs.

The Cocreators University is your training camp for a n emerging future.  The Cocreators University is the place where you find the knowledge, the skills and the community to work as a cocreator professionally: on your projects, in your company or your organization. With us you get the context and the knowledge, the mindsets and attitudes, the tools and the methods for your projects. For this end we work together with organizations that share their cutting edge knowledge about transformation and cocreation first hand with you.


Cocreators Training

The cocreators training is our one-year intensive training. It enables you to work cocreatively in your own professional projects and processes. You learn from the pioneers of cocreation in a community of highly committed people open to share their transformative processes with you.

  • you learn attitudes, approaches, methods and formats of cocreation for your project work
  • you develop a deep understanding of transformative and cocreative processes
  • you will be able to navigate the phases of resonance, crisis, emergence and cultivation
  • you will learn how to work in generative processes and how to facilitate and design them
  • you will gain deep insights into the possibilities cocreation can open up in politics, business, planning, civil society and science

Our cocreators training in english starts in the second half of 2022.

Partners of the Cocreators University

The Institute for Participatory Design is the leading institute for cocreative approaches to participation. From urban and regional development, to architecture, transformative development work with communities, businesses, and organizations, to national democracy projects: the IPG has proven that cocreation leads to greater engagement, higher innovation, and better, more sustainable outcomes than comparable classical approaches in project management and participation.

The Cocreation Foundation is an international think and do tank whose mission is to enable the development of global governance based on cocreative collaboration and development. The Cocreation Foundation brings together experts, activists and thnkers who have been at the forefront of developing new forms of politics, sustainability, business, culture and civic engagement for many years.

Our courses, events and trainings

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