The Cocreators Training – coming up in english in 2023!

Changemaker, social entrepreneur, change facilitator, process facilitator, transformation designer or facilitator?

We live in a time where professionalism, meaningfulness and ethical standards go hand in hand. Whether in companies, administration, politics, science, civil society, or as freelancers: we need people with the tools and attitudes to navigate us through change and create better futures everywhere. Those who bring the professional knowledge and skills, the drive for transformation and a deep understanding of design processes are at the core of what we need today. They can support intensive development processes within themselves, communities, and the world and, therefore, can facilitate solutions for a world of disruption and rapid and complex change. We call people with these skills cocreators.

Our training provides you with the basics in one year part-time, to participate in the great cocreation that makes a world in peace, freedom and freedom possible for us.

The Elements of the Cocreators Training

The Cocreators Training combines three parallel thematic strands:

  • the study of methods for understanding and accompanying processes
  • the study of methods for creativity, development, planning and design
  • and the work on developing one’s own co-creative project.

The Cocreators Training contains the following formats:


  • the Cocreators Basecamp
  • 3 method trainings of your choice
  • 4 process trainings (resonance / crisis and transformation / cocreation / cultivation)
  • online course with eight units, exclusively reserved for our training groups
  • Project support within the framework of the training
  • A final accreditation that gives you access to the Master Cocreators Training


The basecamp is a three day intensive, on-site and online: with cocreators like you: basics, attitudes, methods and formats of cocreation. Dive deep into participation, transformation and cocreation processes: practical examples, exercises and a new understanding of the process. Understand yourself and your impact in cocreative processes, understand transpersonality, process design and how you can contribute to bringing the new into the world.

Method trainings

Methods are craft. They are essential for the professional and profound implementation of every process and project. Our method trainings include the full cocreation potential: creative, innovation and design methods, drafting and design methods, moderation, process support and facilitation methods, methods for process design & method architecture and methods for agile project design, implementation and execution.

Process trainings 

A deep understanding of personal, transpersonal, and collective processes is at the core of our work as cocreators. As cocreators we can read, interpret and work with the patterns of generative process dynamics and process qualities. We know ourselves as sensors and processors of diverse process states and train ourselves to become hackers of the invisible codes that shape the unfolding of crises, transformations, resonance experiences, collective creativity or structured cultivation.

Online course

There is nothing more practical than a good theory. Our online course lays the foundations for a deep understanding of cocreative practice, starting with ontology and narratives, through the different methodological approaches and attitudes to concrete project questions. In the online course, we ask deep questions, discuss our knowledge and accompany each other as a team. We work with a carefully curated selection of texts and videos in between sessions.


When you come to our training, we assume that you have a professional, private or voluntary project that you would like to develop cocreatively. If you don’t have a project, we will help you develop one. Because this project is also your training work with which you accredit yourself as a cocreator with us. We will accompany you on your project in our online course and through three individual coaching sessions. Of course, you will also receive support from your training pod.


Our training does not end with an examination but with anaccreditation. You must have completed all the prescribed modules and have cocreatively developed, accompanied and implemented a project throughout the training. We look at whether you have worked cocreatively, used methods, designed formats and procedures and facilitated processes. You then give a presentation to show us your development during the training.

Bit by bit or in a package 

You can book all our trainings and the basecamp individually if you are specifically interested in particular topics and contents.

If you book the entire cocreators training, you will receive the online training, project support and accreditation exclusively and at a reduced total price.

The completed cocreators training is certified by the and the IPG and enables you to participate in our Master Cocreators Training from 2021.

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Master and Meta Cocreator

For cocreators with our training and those who have been cocreating professionally for many years, we offer certification as a Master Cocreator:



  • one year of cocreative project work
  • 4 colloquium sessions in a peer group of professional cocreators
  • 4 exclusive coaching sessions
  • 2 methodological trainings
  • completion with a graded paper

For Master Cocreators we offer participation in our Society of Cocreators. Three years of active participation and proposal by guarantors leads to certification as a Meta Cocreator.

All courses of the cocreators training

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