Cocreators HIVE: Cocreative Governance for Ecosystem Restauration

General Information

09.-11. March 2022 Berlin apply at:

Whats it about?

How can we support global ecosystem restauration with new cocreative forms of global governance? How can we set up a global participatory process to initiate new and coordinate existing ecosystem restauration projects and programs? How can we set up sustainable ways to finance ecosystem restauration endeavours? How would a digital ecosystem restauration governance system look like? Can crypto tokens or distributed ledger plattforms be technologies to support and secure ecosystem restauration? How can we coordinate planning and decision making processes on a global scale? How can we build systems resilient against corruption and power misuse? How can we work within the frameworks of national legislature while building a consistent global strategy? How can we counter climate change developments with ecosystem restauration action? What would a multitude/hive like coordination and cocreation structure for the restauration of complex global ecosystems look like? These are the questions we want to develop first approaches and answers in our spring HIVE meeting in Berlin

What is the Cocreators HIVE?

The Cocreators HIVE is the Cocreation Foundations cocreative conference format by invitations only. If you are interested to get invited, please write us, stating your interest, field of expertise and appropriate references. We are striving to gather only professionals, deeply involved in the field to enable a deep dive into the subject.