COFO Colloquium: (Crypto-) Technology and Global Governance with Alessa Berg

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General Information:

Speakers: Alessa Berg and the Host Jascha Rohr
NEW Date & Time: 08.06.2022, 1:00-3:00 pm CET
Place: online via Zoom (once you have registered, you will find the link in the content section at the bottom of the page)
Participation: Please register here for online participation and write to if you want to attend in person, as we have only limited space available.

What is this?

The Cocreation Foundations Colloquium

The colloquium is a monthly two-hour session, where we undertake a deep dive into a subject of importance for the work of the Cocreation Foundation. The colloquium will start with our guest’s short impulse, followed by an interview session where we will explore in-depth methodological and theoretical design questions. We will finish with an open discussion.

Why Ecosystem Restoration?

While the Global Resonance Project of the Cocreation Foundation is still ongoing, we will start to take the first steps into our new Ecosystem Restoration Project. As the Cocreation Foundation, we aim to design and propose a global cocreation process for one of the most pressing challenges of our time. Ecosystem Restoration for us is one of these challenges, and it is especially suited for a cocreative approach. With our 2022 series of colloquii, we will specifically address the aspects we need to consider in designing a cocreative process for ecosystem restoration.

What this session is about

It seems evident that a cocreative global process on ecosystem restoration needs a well-designed governance structure. Such a structure should enable communication, regulation and decision making between all ecosystem restoration projects and operations. It also needs to offer interfaces to other societal sectors and their procedures, e.g., politics, economy, and civil society. How can technology build, support and enhance these governance structures, and what roles might crypto technologies, platforms and DAOs play in this? We want to explore these questions in depth with Alessa.


Our guest and speaker: Alessa Berg

Alessa is an entrepreneur, investor and advisor to funds and companies. Her thought leadership sits at the intersection of positive impact and emerging technologies.

Alessa was born in Switzerland and is fluent in 6 languages. During high school, she started focusing on neuroscience while working as a windsurf and snowboard instructor on the side. Alessa created her first business at 11 years old and has been investing in the blockchain and biotech sectors since graduating from Oxford University. After covering product at early-stage technology startups, Alessa worked in private equity at Blackstone and in venture capital at Mosaic Ventures. She’s the youngest member of her Oxford degree’s advisory board.

Alessa founded Top Tier Impact (TTI), the global ecosystem of impact and sustainability leaders. The TTI Group’s mission is to accelerate the mainstream adoption of impact and sustainability as the way of making investments and running companies. It has an active private network of 500+ impact investors, entrepreneurs and corporate leaders across more than 40 countries, an advisory business focused on ESG & climate risk scenario planning, an impact investing unit and a policy unit that bridges the gap between private and public sector within net-zero energy transition topics. You can learn more at

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