We are Cocreation Foundation

The Cocreation is a global thinktank on the advancement of cocreation in the field of global governance. We are a thriving hive of outstanding professionals, activists and thinkers who forward new ways for finding solutions to our global challenges. In the Cocreation Foundation we gather those who are bold pioneers in their fields, who embrace new developmental approaches, are open to a mindset of collaboration and share a deep understanding of the need for joint cocreative processes.

The Cocreation Foundation is a charitable institution bringing together experts from the field to advance their thinking and acting. At the Cocreators University we offer you to participate in our public events and workshops.

Cocreative Global Governance

How can we design a world for 10-12 billion people of peace, freedom and ecological health and abundance for all and everything? We think, that we have the next 60-80 years to find solutions to this design challenge. Those solutions are not only technological fixes, they will have to be major updates to the way we organize our global civilization: how we think, act, work together, innovate, create and from which mindsets we do this.

Cocreative global governance is exactly about that question: how will we deal with our own affairs as humanity in a time of great transformations. Where will we go collectively and how do we develop individually? The Cocreation Foundation is exploring, developing, prototyping and testing the cultural technologies of the coming decades. Here we share the progress status of this work with you.

Sharing our formats and events with you

Public Workshops and Salons

We regularly offer public workshops and salons where we present and discuss the work of the Cocreation Foundation. Please join our discourse!

Public Events and Conferences

We attend many conferences and events of other organisations, often these are open for attendance to the public. Here we will keep you updated on which events you can meet us or participate in our sessions.

Cocreators Club (Invitation Only)

This is an intense professionals peer-2-peer coaching circle, where we work on our own cocreative processes and developments. If you are interested in joining us, please contact us. We are eager to keep this circle intimate, secure and open only to those who are full time and professionally involved in their own cocreation processes.

The Hive (Invitation Only)

The Hive is the internal community of the Cocreation Foundation and open to those who take an active part in the Cocreation Foundations work either by taking on a role in one of our boards, as associates or as project leaders.

Our Events

Forwarding Cocreation with the Cocreation Foundation